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      XXX Co., Ltd., is a focus in lighting field of energy-saving high-tech lighting company, located in the north of Kaifu District of Changsha, Changsha Jinxia Economic Development Zone, park in Beijing Guangzhou railway runs through the north and south, Shi Long Railway connection, Beijing Zhuhai high speed, long often expressway, 107 State Road, state Road 319 inte...

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  • The nation's largest LED linear lamp

    This is the nation's largest LED linear light screen, it is like a navigation in the sea, and guide the lost direction of the people my company business department received the project design. In the preliminary design, the design department of the company, held the design before the meeting, the design theme of the project definition, design team each airs his own views, and finally selected ...

  • With Tianhu bridge lighting art

    In April 12, 2014, our company successfully signed a contract with Changde City Tianhu bridge lighting art lighting design scheme!

  • Miao Di sun lighting art

    Lycopus lucidus Miao village is located in Hunan Province Jingzhou Miao and Dong Autonomous County of the western of three spadefuls Xiang, is a branch of the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau of Jiu Shan Lu, geographical elevation for 431 meters, cool climate, vegetation coverage rate was 98%, 38 kilometers from the county westward 13 kilometers arrived in Qiandongnan exit, the highway access. The Miao vill...

  • Huaihua City, large lighting art

           Huaihua, nickname Hecheng, Gu Cheng Wu Xi, Hunan Province under the jurisdiction of the prefecture level city of, since ancient times is "Yunnan Guizhou gateway", "Chu throat" that is leading to the eastern region of our country southwest of the "bridgehead". In the Song Dynasty, "Huairou domestication design Huaihua Zhai, Huaihua which...

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